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welcome photoOne of the best ways to achieve a healthy, successful aquarium is by talking to other aquarists. That's why I created Talkfishy.com . . . to give the freshwater aquarium community a place to connect and share their knowledge.                

On Talkfishy.com you can create video profiles, upload photos/videos, create your own user groups and join others, and much more. It's very flexible, kind of like Facebook -  but created especially for the freshwater aquarium community! Just click on "Connect" in the top menu to get started. And don't forget to check out the other great resources on Talkfishy.com. You'll find plenty of articles to help you on the way to a perfect aquarium and an extensive fish photo library to help you find the perfect fish!

So come on in and take it for a test drive. And be sure to let us know what you think. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Scott Stafford
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In the Stream

My tank has always been dropping PH levels. I add tap water (7.6) and in two weeks I am down to PH 6.2. I have tried everything, two large air... Show more

madahawy shared a photo. 1 year ago

    Guys please i need to know why my fish is staying like that and not swimming or eating, what is wrong with it while the other fishs acting normal

    Hello fellow aquarists. What a great site. Happy to have found you guys.

    Fishlady75gallon has a new avatar. 2 years ago
    Fishlady75gallon I also have these little dark balls attached to the sides of the small baby tank. Not sure what they are. I will post a picture, once I turn the... Show more 2 years ago

    I live in Maumee. Let me know if you can help !

    I have about forty baby mollies. I set up a five gallon aquarium just for the babies. I checked with my local pet stores about buying them, but they... Show more

    mrfrenchee shared a video in group. 2 years ago

      I went from a Fluval 6 to a standard 10 Gallon. - feeling happy

      Pimped upgraded 10 gallon fish tank

      I got tired of the Fluval 6. I went with a simple easy maintenance 10 gallon tank. I'm rocking an Eheim Classic 250 filter rated up to 66 gallons....

      Silentvice has a new avatar. 2 years ago

      Why when I type it's not showing up

      Morning, new member just wanted to say hi

      The Salient Morning 2 years ago

      I just started a new discussion forum at fishkeepersusa.x10host.com/ and could use some new members interested in sharing their hobby on a nice respectful site. No... Show more

      Fish Keepers USA - Index

      Fish Keepers USA - Index

      mrcnfox When you click on the above link you will be told that the site no longer exists. So don't click on it. Safety first, people. 1 year ago
      Embers commented on Scott's video 2 years ago

      Beautiful fish

      Discus Tank 2012

      second vid from my 450 liter tank running since March 2011 - have fun :)

      Embers has liked a Video 2 years ago

      Discus Tank 2012

      second vid from my 450 liter tank running since March 2011 - have fun :)

      We just cleaned my tank n now my fish is growing a white fungus

      Vondutch68 Is it in the form of spots? 2 years ago
      Fallsie liked Alchia's photo 2 years ago
      Fallsie has liked an Album 2 years ago
      Fallsie has liked yahneedagemini's Profile 2 years ago
        Fallsie has a new avatar. 2 years ago

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        The Secret to Diagnosing and Treating Freshwater Ich
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