Tropical Fish Compatibility - 10 Easy Fish Keeping Combinations

tropical fish compatibility

The best way to learn about fish is to keep them. Practical experience truly is the best teacher when it comes to tropical fish compatibility. But what if you're new to the hobby and have no experience to fall back on? Well, asking an experienced aquarist is one way. You should also be doing your own research on the species of fish you're interested in so you'll know their specific care requirements. However, even if you follow this advice it can still be a little difficult deciding on a which fish to stock your tank with. After all, there are so many choices! In this free guide we'll give you 10 tank stocking suggestions of hardy, easy to care for fish that will surely jumpstart your aquarium success.


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A Complete Guide To Setting Up Your Aquarium For The First Time

Setting Up Aquarium

One of the first things to understand as a beginning aquarium hobbyist is how to properly set up an aquarium. It's not just a matter of filling your tank with water, plugging in your equipment and dropping in your fish. There are other very important things to consider in order to have a successful aquarium. Setting up your aquarium right the first time will eliminate many hours of frustration later on and will provide the proper environment for healthy, happy fish. This guide will provide you with the fundamentals and have you well on your way to the perfect aquarium!


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The Right Way to Care for Betta Fish

betta book

Caring for a Betta fish involves a lot more than putting it in a bowl or vase and feeding it once or twice a day. The requirements for taking care of Bettas are much different than the care requirements for other freshwater tropical aquarium fish. As you'll learn in "The Right Way To Care For Betta Fish", tankmates must be chosen carefully, feeding is a bit more specialized, and tank size requirements are different as well. You'll also discover that there are more varieties of Betta fish than you may have imagined. We'll also dispel the myth that "keeping a Betta in a bowl is okay" and show you the right way to raise happy, healthy Betta fish!


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