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Endler's Guppy

endler's guppy

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Scientific Name:   Poecilia wingei      
Min. Tank Size:   20 gallons      
Personality:   Peaceful      
Temperature:   72-82°F      
pH:   7.0-8.2/8-20°dGH      
Size:   2"      
Diet:   Omnivore      
Breeding:   Livebearer      


Can be kept with Corydoras and peaceful Tetras; will crossbreed if kept with Guppies.

Endler's Guppy

Also called Endler's Livebearer, Endler's Guppies are named after John Endler, the man who rediscovered the species in 1975. These fish are similar in appearance to regular Guppies and some debate exists whether the two species are, in fact, separate species at all because they are able to hybridize and produce fertile young. Endler's Guppies vary in coloration and pattern, though many specimens exhibit intense black, orange and metallic green colors on their bodies and tails. Many specimens also have double sword tails. These fish are endemic to a limited area in northeastern Venezuela where they inhabit brackish lakes.

Tank Set-up

In the home aquarium, this species is best kept in planted tanks that provide surface cover in the form of floating plants. Floating plants are especially important since they provide a place for fry to hide. These fish are not very particular about water flow because they tend to be very active. And strong filtration isn't really necessary since they produce relatively little waste. Endler's Guppies are very peaceful, but use caution if kept in community tanks - due to their small size. They are best kept in species tanks, especially if kept for breeding. They can, however, also coexist with other small, peaceful species. Stay away from the more boisterious community species like Barbs and Tetras.


These fish are omnivorous, often feeding on various forms of detritus in the wild. In captivity, this species should be offered small frozen and freeze-dried foods, such as bloodworms, Daphnia, and brine shrimp, along with Spirulina-based flakes and wafers. Feeding a varied diet on a regular basis will promote optimum health and coloration.


Breeding Endler's Guppies is very easy and encouraged given the relative scarcity of this species in the hobby. The Endler's Guppy will often breed in the community tank with little provocation. Female Endler's Guppies are capable of producing broods of fry every 24 days and each brood may contain between 5 and 25 young. If fed frequently, these fry grow very quickly. Provide plenty of floating vegetation, such as Cabomba or Hornwort, so the fry will have a place to hide.

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