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Schwartz's Corydoras

schwartz's corydoras

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Scientific Name:   Corydoras schwartzi      
Min. Tank Size:   25 gallons      
Personality:   Peaceful      
Temperature:   72-79°F      
pH:   6.0-8.0/2-25°dGH      
Size:   2.5"      
Diet:   Omnivore      
Breeding:   Egglayer      


Well suited to the community tank; Characins, Cyprinids, Anabantids, Dwarf Cichlids and other Catfish.

Schwartz's Corydoras

Also called Schwartz's Catfish, Schwartz's Corydoras are similar in appearance to several other species of Corydoras. This species has a silver body with transparent fins, all covered with small black spots. Most specimens of this species also exhibit a triangular patch of black on the head that covers the eyes. Schwartz's Corydoras are endemic to the inland waters of the Purus River basin in Brazil. These fish tend to inhabit sand banks, tributaries, creeks and flooded forests where the water remains fairly quiet and shallow.

Tank Set-up

This species is best kept in an Amazon biotope decorated with sandy substrate and driftwood branches. Though aquatic plants are not a large part of their natural environment, these Catfish may also do well in a planted tank. Schwartz's Corydoras prefer dim lighting and high quality filtration because they are sensitive to poor water quality. Because they are a peaceful species, these Corydoras are well suited to the community tank. They should not be kept with large or aggressive species, however, and thrive in groups with other Corydoras.


Schwartz's Corydoras are easily fed - they are likely to accept any foods offered. To keep your Corydoras healthy, offer them a varied diet of sinking pellets or wafers along with live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp, Daphnia and bloodworms. Supplement this diet with Spirunlina wafers and blanched vegetables.


Breeding this species is similar to other Corydoras but it can be more difficult to induce spawning behavior. To encourage spawning, set up a bare-bottom breeding tank with a temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH of 6.5. Condition a group of mature Corydoras using live and frozen foods - the group should consist of two males for every female. If these fish do spawn, they will deposit their eggs on the tank glass in areas of high water flow.

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