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Rainbow Cichlid

rainbow cichlid

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Scientific Name:   Archocentrus multispinosus      
Min. Tank Size:   50 gallons      
Personality:   Peaceful      
Temperature:   72-82°F      
pH:   7.0-8.0/8-20°dGH      
Size:   6"      
Diet:   Omnivore      
Breeding:   Egglayer      


Best kept with other peaceful species like Rainbowfish, Danios, Corydoras, Tetras and Catfish.

Rainbow Cichlid

Rainbow Cichlids are Central American Cichlids, native to a variety of lakes and swamps in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. This species tends to inhabit bodies of water with muddy bottoms where it feeds primarily on algae. These fish are named for their vibrant coloration - they typically have an overall gold or orange coloration that is often iridescent in appearance. Many specimens exhibit a dark band running along the lateral line and the fins are often colored to match the body.

Tank Set-up

Compared to other Central American Cichlids, Rainbow Cichlids are fairly peaceful and generally easy to keep in the home aquarium. This makes them a great choice for beginners or for those who simply want a Central American Cichlid without the typical aggressiveness. This species is not demanding when it comes to tank conditions and generally a very hardy fish, but they do prefer hard, slightly alkaline water. Rainbow Cichlids are also smaller than some Central American Cichlids, so they do not require as much tank space. In the wild, they are found in vegetated areas of still or slow-moving waters. Mimic this in the aquarium by providing plants for hiding places and gentle filtration to minimize water flow. Floating plants would be a good idea to help diffuse the light.


In the wild, Rainbow Cichlids feed on algae that grows on the rocks and substrate in their native environment. In the home aquarium, these fish will feed on algae growths, but can also be offered a variety of foods including algae wafers, pellets and flake foods. Feed a regular varied diet for best health and coloration.


Breeding Rainbow Cichlids is considered to be fairly easy. These fish are substrate spawners and when they are ready for breeding, they often turn completely black. The average brood size for this species is between 150 and 500 eggs and the parent fish will guard the nest until the eggs hatch. These Cichlids display a great deal of parental care in guarding the nest but also in caring for the fry after they have hatched.

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