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Pearl Scale Cichlid

pearl scale cichlid

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Scientific Name:   Herichthys carpintis      
Min. Tank Size:   100 gallons      
Personality:   Territorial & aggressive      
Temperature:   75-82°F      
pH:   7.5-8.5/10-30°dGH      
Size:   10"    
Diet:   Omnivore      
Breeding:   Egglayer      


Should not be kept with Herichthys cyanoguttatus to prevent interbreeding; best kept with other large, aggressive species or as a pair in a species tank.

Pearl Scale Cichlid

Also called the Lowland Cichlid and Green Texas Cichlid, Pearl Scale Cichlids are a species of Central American Cichlid. These fish are native to northern Mexico where they can be found in lagoons, streams and drainage channels. This species is similar in appearance and often confused with the Texas Cichlid, whose scientific name is Herichthys cyanoguttatus. The pearl-like spots for which this species is named are smaller and turquoise, unlike the large blue spots on the true Texas Cichlid. Pearl Scale Cichlids exhibit a variety of blue and green hues along with reflective spots and flecks all over their bodies.

Tank Set-up

The Pearl Scale Cichlid, like many Central American Cichlids, can be quite territorial and aggressive. For this reason, these fish should not be kept with smaller species or with conspecifics. In the home aquarium, Pearl Scale Cichlids enjoy having a great deal of open swimming space and the tank should be divided into natural territories using rocks and driftwood for decoration. These fish are active diggers, so adding live plants to the tank may prove to be a waste of time since they'll most likely be uprooted. As with most large fish, a considerable amount of waste is produced. Therefore, the tank setup should include strong, efficient filtration. Weekly partial water changes are also a must to maintain water quality.


In the wild, Pearl Scale Cichlids are omnivores, feeding on plants and insects as well as other fish. In captivity, these fish are likely to accept a wide variety of foods including Cichlid sticks and pellets as well as live, frozen and flake foods. The Pearl Scale Cichlid will eagerly except earthworms and brine shrimp, but also include a Spirulina-based flake as part of its diet. Feed a varied diet on a regular basis for best health and coloration.


Breeding this species is not considered difficult and Pearl Scale Cichlids often form breeding pairs on their own. Once a pair has formed the fish will select a spawning site and begin to defend their territory. This species typically spawns in substrate but may also lay eggs on flat rocks. The average brood size for Pearl Scale Cichlids is between 150 and 1,000 eggs and the parents often exhibit a great deal of parental care.

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